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  • Plastic Injection Moulders
    Plastic Injection Moulders

    How to find a good china plastic injection moulder? Many people want to choose some china injection mold companies who have much experience in plastic injection mold making, but they don’t know how to choose? As we knew, perfect deisgn is very important, right! Mold making process that means some tooling machines, yes! But QC is also important, This department is vital for maintaining a high quality level during production. Do not ever skip a visit to this department in order to save time. The Q.C. department is management's method for constantly monitoring the production quality of the factory. Here, you really want to find out if you are in good hands or not. Every time goods have to be reworked or remade it costs the factory a substantial amount of money. Only constant monitoring of internal quality standards assures the factory that a major rework or remake will be avoided. The average factory has a separate room with testing equipment and of one or more engineers to running it. When you enter this room, take note of how well they have organized themselves. You may find anything. It could be a complete mess or well laid out testing room. PTMS has the good QC team, they are always strict for mold check, if you like to visit our factory, firstly please visit our website www.ptms-mold.com, RFQs for sales@ptms-mold.com. We are your better choice for china plastic injection moulder.

  • Custom Plastic Injection Mold
    Custom Plastic Injection Mold

    How to make top quality custom plastic injection mold? Perfect design and mold making both are very important for the whole injection mold i think. PTMS as a china professional plastic injection moulder, we have many advantages in plastic injection mold making.   We have many advanced machines for mold making,CNC Machines such as 10 sets CNC machine, 4 sets Wire Cutting Machine, 2 sets Slow Wire Cutting Machine, 12 sets Milling Machine, 8 sets Grinding Machine, 15 sets EDM machine and Mirror EDM Machine, Auto Grinding Machines, MAG Grinding Machines, Polishing Machines and etc. Also outside good supply chain allows our experienced mold makers to meet compressed lead times while maintaining our reputation for quality injection mold. Our mold making shop is geared to work with injection molds from the small to medium to big size range, i.e. injection mold that are designed to run in presses of 800 tons and smaller. PTMS work with a variety of injection mold configurations and a summary of available options can be found here, Mold Types as below: Prototypes Injection Mold, Multi-Cavity Injection Mold, Family Injection Mold, Unscrewing Injection Mold, Over-molding Injection Mold, Hot Runner Injection Mold, Die-Casting Mold.   Welcome to visit our website www.ptms-mold.com, we will take you around our injection mold shop, for RFQ please send to sales@ptms-mold.com. 

  • China Custom Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers
    China Custom Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers

    China injection mold is imported by many countries, so many foreigners like high quality custom plastic injection mold made in china, but how to choose a better china injection mould manufacturers?   The two points just for your check. Firstly, quality control for incoming material and components. A busy factory will receive materials on a daily basis. These include raw materials, components, packing materials, and anything needed from different vendors to support the production. Your task is to check whether the factory has established a systematic and effective incoming material or components quality control system.Ask your factory representative to take you to the incoming area to observe the Q.C. staff conducting the incoming inspection. Secondly, rejected materials and components. If they try to tell you that they do not have any rejected materials or components, you can be sure that the Q.C. staff is either not being thorough enough or they are lying and they don't have an incoming Q.C. process. Normally, every delivery will have at least a few rejects.   PTMS is a great china plastic injection mold company, we have made many top quality plastic mould for our customers, we are the main custom injection mold exporter in ShenZhen, if you are interested in our service, please visit website ptms-mold.com, any RFQ please send to sales@ptms-mold.com. 

  • China Kunststoff-Spritzguss-Herstellung
    China Kunststoff-Spritzguss-Herstellung

    ptmsspezialisiert auf hochwertigen Kunststoff Präzisions-Spritzgussformenbau, alle Formenbauer sind 5-15 Jahre Erfahrung aufKunststoff Spritzgussfertigungund sehr Erfahrung für USA, Europa, Australien, Japan standard in hasco, dme, rabourdin, jis und lkm oder unternehmensspritzguss Standard. Heute teilen wir einige nützliche Daten für Kunststoffspritzguss. Erstens wird jemand wissen, was sie wollen? zum Beispiel sie wollen die Computermaus machen, er bekommt ein vorläufiges Produkt Design gemacht, dann wird ein Formenbauer beauftragt, die Form, eine Form zu bauen Designer entwirft einen "Blueprint" (niemand benutzt Blaupausen mehr, es heißt cad, weil es auf einem Computer gemacht wird), und schließlich bekommt die Maus in das Kunststoffteil eingeformt. Zweitens wird der Formenbauer die Maus entwerfen Zeichnung arbeitet der Formenbauer mit Maschinisten, Lehrlingen und anderen zusammen Formenbauer, um alle Formen und Teile herzustellen, aus denen eine fertige Form besteht. einige Maschinen Werkzeuge umfassen CNC, EDM, Draht schneiden ane usw. am Ende, die Formenbauer bekommt den Stahl mit den Formen und legt sie in einen Halter (Form Basis), und macht alles perfekt, so dass der Kunststoffteil schön herauskommt und sauber. ptms als Porzellanberufskunststoff Spritzgussunternehmen, wir haben viel Erfahrung in Kunststoff Spritzguss Herstellung, immer eine hohe Qualität bietenbenutzerdefinierte Kunststoff-Spritzgussformzum weltweite Kunden, also wenn Sie hochwertige Spritzgussform benötigen, fühlen Sie sich bitte frei, uns zu kontaktieren, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Websiteptms-mold.comund sende rfq ansales@ptms-mold.com, Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit!

schwarzer elektronischer Spritzguss-Kunststoffdeckel
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    ShenZhen, China
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    20-35 days
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die Plastikeinspritzungkundenspezifische elektronische Abdeckung ist gemacht durchChina-Injektion Hersteller von Hinterschneidungen - ptms.

unser Hauptservice:Kunststoffabdeckung Spritzguss&Ampere; Formteil einfügen. Einzelkammerform & amp; Multi-Hohlraum-Form & amp; products.plastic über Formwerkzeug & amp; doppelte Farbe Spritzgussform.Familie Spritzgießwerkzeug & amp; Produkte.heiß Spritzgießwerkzeug für Spritzgießwerkzeuge & amp; Produkte.Werkzeugmontage und Produktmontage.sekundäre Operationen.Rapid-Prototyping-Werkzeuge &Ampere; Produktherstellung.

china custom plastic injection molding supplier

ptms als a China benutzerdefinierte Kunststoff-Injektion Teile Lieferanten, können wir hohe Qualität produzieren kundenspezifisches Formteil, doppeltes Farbenspritzen und etc., wenn Sie hoch benötigen Qualitätkundenspezifisches Spritzgießen, senden Sie uns bitte RFQ zusales@ptms-mold.com, vielen Dank im Voraus!


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